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Loreto Institute Activities

The Loreto Sisters Eastern Africa, a proud member Congregation of Talithakum International Kenya, has embarked on an admirable mission to combat human trafficking, notably through a groundbreaking project implemented in the Gishagi Informal settlement of Kangemi. This initiative has united a diverse range of stakeholders, including Community Health Volunteers, Paralegal Officers, law enforcement agencies, and local government officials, fostering a collaborative approach to prevention and protection against human trafficking within the informal settlements.

The project’s model revolves around a comprehensive strategy aimed at empowering the community to take charge of identifying, assessing, referring, and monitoring cases of trafficking. This includes a special focus on vulnerable groups such as asylum seekers, refugees, and individuals with disabilities, ensuring that no one is left behind in the fight against exploitation.

Preventive measures are implemented through a multitude of platforms within the informal settlement, including educational institutions, religious gatherings, community gatherings, women’s self-help groups, healthcare facilities, and even among local transportation providers like boda boda riders. Since its inception from March 2023 to March 2024, the project has made significant strides, reaching out to and engaging a substantial number of individuals, with 7,215 females and 3,918 males, totaling 11,933 people, benefiting from the awareness campaigns and educational initiatives.

In terms of victim rescue and support, the project has demonstrated exceptional effectiveness in managing the rescue, repatriation, and successful reintegration of 19 survivors. Their journey to recovery has been carefully documented with the utmost confidentiality, showcasing a commitment to protecting their dignity and privacy. Many survivors have experienced remarkable progress, accessing education, healthcare, and economic empowerment opportunities that have paved the way for them to lead fulfilling lives post-trauma.

The collaborative partnership between the Loreto Sisters and CHTEA in referring victims for safe housing and counseling sessions has proven invaluable over the past two years, providing a robust support network for survivors of human trafficking. This holistic approach not only addresses immediate needs but also focuses on long-term healing and empowerment, setting a powerful example of community-driven initiatives making a tangible impact in the fight against exploitation and injustice.


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