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St. Joseph of Mombasa Awareness Sessions

In Mombasa County, a comprehensive five-day training initiative focused on raising awareness about human trafficking recently took place, led by Sr. Joan and Sr. Agnes Nanjala SSJ. This intensive program was tailored for adult community members and church parishioners residing in Kisauni and Jomvu sub-counties, drawing the enthusiastic participation of approximately 400 individuals from various church groups and community outreach programs. The attendees’ commitment to punctuality and their evident eagerness to delve into the intricacies of human trafficking underscored the gravity of the issue and the community’s thirst for knowledge, particularly in understanding the legal frameworks surrounding such matters.

During the training sessions, a significant aspect emerged as ten survivors, all women aged 25 to 35, were identified as requiring crucial psychosocial support and counseling. Additionally, distressing cases were uncovered, involving 25 victims of trafficking who had fallen into the clutches of deceitful agents promising lucrative opportunities but were now entrapped due to their documents being unlawfully withheld. Recognizing the urgency, experts highlighted the need for immediate follow-up actions in these distressing situations.

To address the critical mental health needs of survivors, five of the identified individuals are currently undergoing dedicated counseling sessions as part of the ongoing support efforts. Moreover, the training sessions brought to light several alarming emerging issues within the community:

  • Early marriage surfaced as a significant challenge, underscoring the vulnerability of young individuals.
  • The prevalence of drug abuse and substance addiction emerged as pressing concerns requiring concerted intervention strategies.
  • Poor parenting styles and dysfunctional family dynamics were identified as root causes contributing to vulnerability.
  • A striking lack of awareness about human trafficking, especially in remote areas, highlighted the need for widespread education and outreach initiatives.
  • The pervasive issue of corruption emerged as a formidable obstacle, particularly hindering effective case management and victim protection efforts.
  • Concerns were raised regarding the inadequacy of the existing legal framework in adequately safeguarding victims and ensuring their access to justice.

This multifaceted training program not only shed light on the harsh realities of human trafficking but also illuminated the interconnected social issues that contribute to vulnerability within communities. The findings underscore the urgent need for comprehensive interventions, collaborative efforts, and systemic changes to combat trafficking, protect survivors, and promote a safer, more informed society.


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