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St. Patrick’s Society Activity

The St. Patrick’s Society recently spearheaded an eye-opening awareness program targeted at 54 young adults aged 18 to 27. This initiative went beyond just informative sessions; it included interactive presentations, group discussions, and invaluable feedback sessions. Despite having some prior knowledge about human trafficking, the participants discovered the depth and breadth of this issue within Kenya, realizing its various forms, including both inbound and outbound trafficking.

The heart of the discussions revolved around the lurking dangers within their own communities. The youth were enlightened about the tactics used by agents to lure unsuspecting individuals, especially focusing on the prevalent risk of drug trafficking. There was a palpable eagerness among the participants to understand how they could shield themselves from such risks, with a spotlight on the critical need for thorough background checks before venturing abroad for work opportunities.

Additionally, the Safeguarding Committee of the Parish actively engaged in a session following the youth program. Their keen interest in delving deeper into the complexities of human trafficking reflected a commitment to better serve and protect the community, particularly the youth and their families. Feedback from both the young adults and the committee highlighted distressing realities, including instances of trafficking happening right in their midst, with agents exploiting relationships for nefarious gains, both locally and internationally.

The conversations also touched on the importance of having clear reporting mechanisms in place. Participants sought clarity on how to report suspicious activities and were equipped with vital contacts, including law enforcement agencies and Talithakum International – Kenya, offering a lifeline through their toll-free number.

A crucial outcome of this initiative was the unanimous recommendation for organizing workshops aimed at parents. The goal is to arm them with the knowledge needed to recognize and address the risks of human trafficking that their children might face. This unified approach underscores the power of community involvement and education as potent tools in the fight against human trafficking, emphasizing the collective responsibility to safeguard vulnerable individuals and thwart exploitation.


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