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Awareness program at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church in Kikuyu

I n April 2024, St. Peters the Apostle Catholic Church became a vibrant hub of learning and empowerment as it welcomed 80 enthusiastic young members of the Youths Serving Christ (YSC) formation program to a specially designed workshop on human trafficking. The primary goal of this session was to delve into the principles of human dignity and explore its critical role in combating human trafficking. The organizers aimed to equip these young participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to become champions of human rights within their communities.

The workshop was structured around a series of dynamic activities and discussions, fostering an environment where participants could engage deeply with the concepts presented. They explored the inherent value of human dignity and how it should be preserved against the dehumanizing forces of human trafficking. Through interactive sessions, the young attendees examined how human trafficking strips individuals of their freedom and dignity, discussing real-life scenarios that brought these issues into sharp relief.

Participants were particularly engaged during the sessions where they broke down case studies, analyzing them to understand the subtle and overt ways in which human trafficking occurs, and its devastating effects on individuals and communities. These exercises not only enhanced their understanding but also honed their analytical skills, allowing them to see the practical implications of theoretical knowledge.

The discussions also veered into the ethical dimensions of human trafficking, prompting the youths to contemplate their moral responsibilities. Educators and facilitators guided them through complex scenarios, encouraging them to think about how they could apply their newfound knowledge to protect and respect human dignity in their everyday lives. This dialogue was crucial in helping them identify practical steps they could take to fight trafficking, from raising awareness to advocating for policy changes.

By the end of the workshop, it was evident that the participants had transformed their understanding into actionable insights. The young individuals emerged not just as learners but as empowered advocates ready to take proactive roles in their communities. They left with a renewed commitment to safeguarding human rights and a clear vision of how they could contribute to the global fight against human trafficking. This workshop not only educated them but also inspired them to make meaningful changes, proving that when young people are given the tools and knowledge, they can indeed become powerful agents of change.


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