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Training of trainers for Franciscan Novices

On April 12th and 13th, 2024, in Karen, Nairobi, an impactful Training of Trainers workshop was hosted by Talithakum International Kenya. This event brought together 50 Novices and 5formators from various Franciscan groups, focusing on a pressing global issue: human trafficking. Designed as an enlightening and comprehensive educational experience, the workshop sought to illuminate the hidden complexities and harsh realities of human trafficking, a subject previously unfamiliar to many of the attendees.

The sessions were rich with engaging presentations, vibrant discussions, and real-life case studies, which allowed the participants to delve deep into understanding human trafficking not just as a crime, but as a violation of fundamental human rights. This exposure was transformative, filling the participants with knowledge and stirring a deep sense of empathy and responsibility.

The participants, profoundly moved by what they learned, committed themselves to incorporate anti-trafficking measures into their future community work and ministerial efforts. This pledge highlighted the workshop’s success in not only educating but also in inspiring actionable change.

Moreover, the collaboration between Talithakum International Kenya and the Franciscan Congregations during this training underscored the power and importance of partnerships in tackling serious societal issues. Such solidarity and collective action are essential in the ongoing battle against human trafficking.

As these inspired individuals move forward in their ministries, they carry with them a renewed sense of purpose—to spread awareness, support victims, and work tirelessly towards eradicating the menace of human trafficking. Their journey is one of compassion and justice, armed with the tools and knowledge to challenge and change the injustices they encounter.

Building on the successful outcome of this workshop, it is advisable to continue developing similar training programs. Expanding these initiatives to include partnerships with other religious groups and key stakeholders will undoubtedly broaden the impact and enhance the effectiveness of these vital training efforts, paving the way for a more informed and proactive approach in the global fight against human trafficking.


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