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Who is TalithaKum International Kenya?

Born from Boundless Compassion in 2016:

In the vibrant heart of Kenya, amidst the echoes of Pope Francis’ call for acts of mercy in 2016’s Jubilee Year, a powerful movement rose. Talitha Kum International – Kenya was born. This wasn’t just an organization; it was a beacon of hope ignited by a dedicated group of consecrated religious, along with passionate lay women and men. Their shared vision? To reach out to every soul trapped in the darkness of human trafficking, regardless of gender, age, or background.

Embracing the Cry for Help:

Driven by the core values of the corporal works of mercy, TI-Kenya embarked on a mission to alleviate suffering and empower marginalized individuals. This meant tackling the insidious issue of human trafficking, a system that preys on the most vulnerable. From rescuing victims trapped in exploitation to providing safe havens and rehabilitation, TI-Kenya became a fortress of hope, a testament to the transformative power of collective action.

Beyond Rescue: Building a Brighter Future for All:

But TI-Kenya’s story doesn’t end with rescue. It’s about rebuilding lives, shattering the chains of trauma, and equipping survivors of all ages and backgrounds with the tools to thrive. Education, skills training, and access to healthcare become the cornerstones of their journey back to self-sufficiency and dignity. TI-Kenya fosters a supportive community where survivors can heal, rediscover their strength, and reclaim their rightful place in society.

Year Started


Our Focus

Prayer, Prevention, Protection, Partnership& Collaboration

where we work

47 counties of kenya

Church reach

25 Dioceses In Kenya and south Sudan

Our Vision “Inspired by the mercy of God, we envision a world free from human trafficking”

Our Mission “To uphold human dignity by collaborating to eradicate human trafficking”.

Our Core objectives

  • To create awareness of human trafficking and its perils at the grassroots and national levels
  • To provide holistic structures to assist those affected by human trafficking
  • To create an environment where the law of the land is upheld and enable the prosecution of human traffickers
  • To network with other organizations that uphold human dignity
  • To intensify PRAYER in ALL of anti-human trafficking activities being undertaken

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